Blooming Lotus Tai Chi – A good resource for information about the Nam Hoa Internal Arts system of tai chi/qigong as well as profiles and teaching schedules of other instructors in the Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz area.

Chamber Music Monterey Bay – I love chamber music! It is a uniquely dramatic form of musical expression, in which each musician plays a different instrument and a different score. E pluribus unum: The beauty results from the blending of separate voices into a seamless whole. CMMB always presents great concerts. Of special note is Arc of Life, a four-year cycle of commissioned work beginning in spring 2012, inspired by video artist Bill Viola’s “Going Forth by Day.”

Aerophant – My favorite blog. Creator Tai Moses is a genius of observation whose posts delve into precisely what I need to read about: dreams, memories, feelings, humorous oddities, cats.

Lambda Literary- Lots of interesting stuff from the world of LGBT writing and publishing.

Monterey County Theater Alliance - A clearinghouse of information about local productions, audition opportunities, classes, miscellaneous theatre news and announcements. Become a member and enjoy great discounts to local shows!

VegHeads of Monterey Bay Are you vegetarian/vegan or interested in becoming one? This Meetup group provides excellent fellowship and support on your journey to ethical health.

Esalen - An incredible place to expand your sense of yourself. Gorgeous location, delicious food, nurturing baths and excellent workshops.

Peninsula Reviews - Lyn Bronson has created an invaluable resource with this website covering local classical music concerts.

The Fun Institute– A recently-discovered ally: self-discovery through improv and solo monologues. Stay tuned!