Find the Love

Yesterday I was at The Works in Pacific Grove to order a book on mindfulness, doing my best to move beyond the bad mood I found myself in.  After placing my order with the clerk, I glanced at the far end of the shop, where a woman and man were hanging some brightly-colored paintings.  I hesitated for a moment, because I knew that if I got close to these paintings I would have to let go of my bad mood—even from a distance I could sense the delight that emanated from them.

I went to look at the paintings.

“Everyone should paint!” the woman said as I approached.

“Are you the artist?” I asked.

The woman said that she was, told me her name was Debbie Tucker, and mentioned that all her paintings contain the word love.

As Tucker and her husband continued their installation, I stepped close to a painting of a field and found “love” tucked into an earthy furrow.  It was fun, then, to go from one canvas to another and find the love.

Tucker’s paintings are vivid and juicy, with a strong sense of design.  There are fruits and flowers and landscapes, and also a jaunty red bicycle set against a dynamic orange background, poised on a beautiful patch of ground as blue as the sea.

This would be a great exhibit to visit with children, giving them the task of finding “love” in all the paintings, with maybe a book purchase as a reward.

My bad mood was no match for so much color and joy.  I had found the love.