A Wild Radiance

Bone-thin woman.  Walking along the side of the highway, walking quickly, against the traffic.  Her face set, her mouth set: Let nothing in.  Close everything up so no one can see.  Carrying something balled-up, a blanket, a bag of belongings, the remains of a life, clenched in a thin-arm embrace.  Hold tight.  Frizzy auburn hair that catches the morning sun, electric, a wild radiance.  Blue down vest, soft armor.  Walk fast and they won't catch up.  Don't stop moving, don't let go.  Don't let go.

 * * *

Recently I began keeping a notebook for writing about people and situations I observe throughout my day.  I've been thinking that Arts Alive could be a good place for me to share some of these observations.  Earlier today I saw the woman described above as I was driving back from a tai chi class.  Every life has art in it, we just need to pause enough to see, open our hearts enough to imagine.