tai chi

Tai chi (taiji) is a uniquely powerful movement activity that is beneficial to men and women of all ages and physical conditions. When practiced regularly, tai chi can promote deep healing and a sense of well-being. In a recent article in the New York Times, health and science reporter Jane Brody writes, “Studies of tai chi have found health benefits ranging from better balance and prevention of falls to reduced blood pressure, relief of pain and improved immunity.  Regular practitioners of tai chi report that they sleep better, feel healthier and experience less pain and stiffness.”

The Nam Hoa Internal Arts tai chi system, a rare temple style originating in China, offers a gentle approach to learning tai chi, with a focus on inner healing and compassion for oneself and others. Nam Hoa translates as “Flower of the South,” and with a little effort, your tai chi practice will bloom, improving your mobility, balance, strength and flexibility.  Most important, tai chi is relaxing, interesting and fun!

Class schedule:

I am currently on hiatus from teaching.  Please contact Blooming Lotus Tai Chi for information about classes in the Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz region.